Ranga Puravihara @ Emozions

By Sivasri Skandaprasad - I like this version even more than the gold standard of MS, because of the more interesting pace time at which she takes to sing it, which helps her show the emotions wonderfully throughout

Language : Sanskrit

Region / country : India

Music genre : Devotional / religious

Zing Zones

5m 00s 5m 40s


Mesmerizing...wonderful blend of emotions, voice and melody

4m 23s 5m 10s


Ranga, ranga, ranga chorus, blended with beautiful sitar...heavenly. That's how you get youngsters to become engaged in spiritual...look at the joy on their faces as they recite Ranga. Imaginative. Bless

My top 3 versions…

By Sooryagayathri - How can one forget her, whatever the song is!

By Sid Sriram - What a magnetic voice

By Harish, Agam - OMG. That's the first thought you will get too. What a performance! Even the creator this incredible song (MD) will feel like dancing. Exceptional vocal, guitar, sitar, the ranga happening in chorus...it's all there. Dynamite

MS - Have kept the best for the last...this is special because it was sung at no less a place than the UN headquarters in NY in 1966...MS becoming the first Indian musicial to perform at the UN....here's a detailed report on that event - https://bit.ly/3E5bedv





Thank you!

Muthuswamy Dikshitar


No words!

Sid Sriram

(see link to video) - man, that's some voice

Harish Sivaramakrishnan

Different level man

What a feeling!





Thoughts & notes

What a song...a slow one, but has phenomenally more power and passion quotient than super fast and super energetic songs.


This song reminds me of Vaikunta Ekadesi...

Remember going to my local Damodara perumal temple on the very early mornings of Vaikunta Ekadasi until Covid struck...

I'm hardly religious, but it has always been a great feeling to be standing in the middle of hundreds of fervently religious devotess inside the temple so early in the morning (and hundreds standing outside the temple) waiting to enter the sorka vasal.

If that was how I felt at the small temple at Villivakkam, imagine what it would have been at Srirangam. Some day, I wish to be there on vaikunta ekadesi early morning.

You got to be there to know the feeling.


Sriranga ranganathanin paadam - from movie Mahanadi - This is how you make devotional music popular. Thanks to all - Raja, SPB and Shobana

Sri renga natha namo nama - Mahandhi Shobana - a simple song in the beautiful voice of Shobana (she must have been quite young when this was released - 1997)