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Film version - With running lyrics in Tamil

Language : Tamil

Region / country : India

Music genre : Film

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By Malavika Shyam Lovely face, lovely voice, lovely singing...enjoyed this!

Nice rendition on violin Difficult to find the name of the person playing it...intentional??

Lakshmy Ramaswamy Liked the settings and environment of the song

Zing Zones

Portions that make me go Wow!

2m 24s 2m 35s


Memorable chorus interlude

3m 20s m s


Why's a vegetable push cart vendor trying to do business in the midst of pouring rains! Must be a very optimistic chap

Why do I like this music?



Lovely poem transformed into a movie song





Really scores on the feelings it evokes - the theme, the actions (by Aish), the settings, the music, the lyrics...powerful



Wonderful voice and singing, able to convey powerful emotions that the lyrics are intended for

Aishwarya Rai

I'm not much of an Aish fan - actually I have not watched much of her films...but I'm bowled over by her acting in this song...powerful lady, kudos!

Rajiv Menon

For making his wonderful movie

What a feeling!



For stuff that I lost and missed

Full of pain

You oughtta been there to feel it


Thoughts & notes

All songs in this film were hits, but to me this is the song that stays most in my mind.

The reason is the perfect blend of everything - a powerful background and theme (losing one's love), powerful acting (excellent stuff by Aish...), great singing with perfect emotions (Chitra), wonderful lyrics (Vairamuthu), and excellent videography.

The way the choruses are intermingled with the song, with pieces of short dialogue in the middle, and the rather unique ending...everything about this song is so memorable

Here's an excellent relook at this iconic film KK from Cinema Express 



While the song may refer to love lost, I can relate to it in the context of lots of things gone by and things I would like to get back - youth, fun, parents...

While many people can feel empathetic while they listen to songs such as these, those who have gone through the depths of sorrow or depression can relate to the feelings much, much better. Ask me!


Thinking of this and that...

It's a heartache - Bonnie Tyler - Powerful, emotional...that unique voice...Bonnie even looks a bit like Aish!