Kurai Onrum Illai Marai Moorthy Kanna @ Emozions

Original MS Version - The gold standard for this song

Language : Tamil

Region / country : India / Tamil Nadu

Music genre : Classical

Zing Zones

2m 33s 2m 36s


Three seconds of bliss

3m 15s 3m 19s


Wonderful. She makes it seem effortless, but it is tough to get it to this pitch (and back) so smoothly ...try singing it, you will know :)

My top 3 versions…

By Sooryagayathru - What a feeling to hear such a soul stirring rendition from such a young and lovely girl

48 artistes performing together - Done remotely - 48 of them synchronized! - and aptly during Covid shutdown. Loved this...



Rajaji's wonderful mind on display. "I have no grievances" - a lovely submission to God



If you are a devout person, you will feel even more closer to god. If you are not devout (like me), you might start thinking of becoming one after listening to this song

Thank you!


You bettered the lives of millions through your voice


What a man. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._Rajagopalachari ) A freedom fighter, country's governor general, a prolific writer of literature and here, a wonderful lyricist. Namaste!

What a feeling!





Accepting what we are and what we have and making the best out of it is a wonderful way to live life


In Tamil

In English -

Video with lyrics in English - Soulful rendition with lyrics in English

Lyrics translated into English - Excellent effort, will be useful for those who do not understand Tamil but would like to understand this wonderful song by a wonderful person

Thoughts & notes

If I wish I can complain a lot about my life but after listening to this song, I don't wish to!

There's so much one has to celebrate about one's life, whoever you are!

Song in ragamalika - shivaranjani, kaapi and sindhu bhairavi...love playing it on my guitar...


This song remind me of my dad, someone who led an incredibly simple life, wanted almost nothing, and complained almost about nothing (except my mom's constant pestering for all things trivial:) ).

I am glad that I have somewhat taken after him when it comes to lifestyle.

He was 86 when he passed away, and until his death, he took no prescription medicines, he did everything on his own, and almost never bothered me for anything.

No wonder he liked Rajaji, whom he kept calling Rasasi as that was apparently how some harccore Tamil supporters called him.


Oli padaitha kanninai - Wow, never thought I'd ever hear this. Vintage MS singing a memorable Bharathi song. Wow!