Can't get you outta my head - Kylie Minogue @ Emozions

Official video - Just can't the song outta my head...lalaalaa...lalaalaa

Language : English

Music genre : Pop

Zing Zones


The way she says Ah


The way she says Owh

My top 3 versions…

Kylie live performance - Lovely voice

Lee Glason's performance - This is magical...if Kylie's was catchy, this guy's was, what a transformation he made...and right in front of Kylie. Wow!


Platinum+! If this isn't memorable melody, tell me what is!

Thank you!


Beauty, charms, voice...there's even a rumour that she has a pretty high IQ...

Lee Glason

A masterful rendition. mate!

What a feeling!

Dance around

This is perhaps the most catchy song I have ever heard...



That's just it! Singing it, humming it...doing anything with this song makes me happy, I think it is just the melody!

Full of energy


Genius - Every night Every day Just to be there in your arms...lovely

Thoughts & notes

I'm not into pop at all, I listen to very few pop songs as a genre...

But this song, once I heard it, never left me... 

As many have commented. this is perhaps one song which you just cannot get out of your head 

I actually like her voice a lot. It may not be the most memorable voice I have heard, but it is good and some of the impromptu tweaks she adds while she sings are pretty cool.

Can't understand why some critics say she can't sing!


When I went to live in London in 2002 ,this was a very popular song...I remember humming it every day all the way on the walk from my shared apartment to the tube station, and even while in the tube...which of course invited funny looks from fellow passengers...


Vaseegara - It's a Tamil film song originally done for the movie Minnale, made into many Indian languages - Hindi, Telugu, Kannada...a very melodious song. Reema Sen is the heroine and Madhavan the hero