Putham Puthu Bhoomi Vendum @ Emozions

Original from Thiruda Thiruda

Language : Tamil

Region / country : India

Music genre : Film

Zing Zones

4m 15s 4m 30s


Now, that's innovation and genius for you.

3m 40s 3m 53s


ponavai avai pogattum, vandavai ini vaazhattum, desattin ellai kodugal avai theerattum, deebangal intha mannile vanthu vaazhattum...the actions and the looks of all three during these 13 seconds are excellent...

My top 3 versions…

Music for peace - Lovely combo effort. The lady has a wonderful voice and can sing real well, the men doing a simple but excellent job. Bravo!

Shakthisree Gopalan - Excellent voice. Memorable improvisation

A 14 singer performance on Smule - Passionate performance on the theme : Virus free ulagam. Loved it...Lots of original lyrics...lots of experimentations...you should listen to this



Vairamuthu is a REAL poet. This is really a lovely poem



Wow. What music. Sometimes feels like I'm listening to Western classical. ARR's genius.



A very different song, Youth. Freshness. Energy.

Thank you!


This guy knows a thing or two about lyrics, doesn't he!


Somehow her voice different sounded different, but very good all the same

AR Rahman

What a music man. This guy has single-handedly brought Tamil music to the Gen Next

What a feeling!

As if I’m flying

Liberating song

Dance around

A song that inspires us to look around, explore and discover possibilities...powerful stuff



Thoughts & notes

In these days of rubbish koothu songs with no meaning, these songs are gems.

One can spend hours admiring the meanings in those words of Vairamuthu. One may have their opinions about his personal life, but there is no denying his poetic talents.

Heera in a rather unique role, Prashant looking so young and fresh.

I learnt from my web search that the song was shot in Valparai, a hill station in Tamil Nadu. Looks like a beautiful place that I should visit some day. This looks like the place within Valparai (Grass Hills) where the song was shot 


When I listen to song, I'm reminded of Imagine by John Lennon. Though these two songs might appear worlds apart - as would Vairamuthu or AR Rahman from Lennon - there's some similarity between the themes...Imagine no countries...Desathin ellai kodugal avai theerattum...

Here are the lyrics of the song (in Tamil) - https://deeplyrics.in/song/putham-pudhu-bhoomi-1993 


Imagine - Different world, different person, perhaps even quite a different context, but some themes sound similar...desathin ellai kodugal avai theerattum...imagine there's no countries